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Southeast Asian e-commerce market

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2020/07/30 09:10
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Several major Chinese Internet companies and logistics companies have participated in the competition in the Southeast Asian e-commerce market.

Thailand’s most popular shopping platform is Singapore’s Shopee. Tencent is its largest shareholder, covering seven markets in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Shopee's biggest competitor, Lazada, is the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia under Alibaba. Next is Tokopedia, the largest e-commerce platform in Indonesia, which is the most populous in Southeast Asia, and Alibaba, Softbank and Sequoia Capital have all invested in it. Together they currently occupy 70% of the Southeast Asian market. There is also Tiki, one of the four major general retail e-commerce companies in Vietnam, and JD.com is its largest shareholder.     

In the segmentation of differentiated markets, Shopee is even better. Lazada has only one APP in Southeast Asia, while Shopee has designed different apps in seven markets, and it is more inclined to recruit and train talents. Use local talent.

In terms of logistics channel construction, JD.com has built the most advanced and complete intelligent warehousing and logistics center in Southeast Asia in Thailand, including a complete supply chain service system including warehousing, sorting, transportation, and distribution; Alibaba has built China in Malaysia The first overseas super logistics hub serving eWTP; after Best Group entered the Thai and Vietnamese markets last year, it recently announced plans to establish a total of 12 transshipment centers and approximately 400 express delivery stations in Malaysia, Cambodia, and Singapore, and launch China and Southeast Asia Cross-border logistics services between five markets. Greatly improve the efficiency of transportation and logistics.

In the field of cloud computing, mobile payment and other fields of competition, Shopee and Lazada are also fierce. Tokopedia is deeply rooted in Indonesia, focusing on technology upgrades and trying its best to solve logistics and logistics problems with the help of Alibaba Cloud services.