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Mongolia and China cooperate in increasing meat exports

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2020/07/06 09:20
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A series of "restriction" measures taken to prevent and combat New Coronary Pneumonia have caused Mongolia's exports in the first four months of 2020 to fall by more than 40% compared to last year. Although coal transportation was resumed on March 22 according to the decision of the government and the National Emergency Committee, the current export volume is only 10% of last year. In the first four months of this year, Mongolia exported a total of 4.14 million tons of coal worth US$334 million, compared with 11.4 million tons in the same period last year.


In order to understand the details of port exports, Mongolia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Dan Chaogetbatel and the Chinese ambassador to Mongolia Chai Wenrui and other officials visited the Gashun Suhaitu-Ganqimao Port at the end of last month, and further strengthened local and Exchange of opinions on joint prevention and control of epidemic situation between ports and the gradual and steady restoration of trade in coal and other mineral products. The reporter recently interviewed Minister Dan Chaogetbatel on export and current affairs.

Q: Although Mongolia has resumed coal exports, the number of vehicles in transit still does not reach the previous level. What is the reason for this?

A: The inspection of the port operation with the Chinese Ambassador to Mongolia Chai Wenrui is to explore this reason and find opportunities for improvement. On the day we arrived at the Gashun Suhaitu-Ganqimaodu port, 182 coal trucks crossed the border. Plus others

At the port, there were about 300 vehicles transporting coal every day. And now this number has increased to 500.


First, the reason for the low traffic volume is to ensure safety. We currently do not allow drivers to stay overnight in China. In fact, this limits opportunities for increased coal transportation. Therefore, we discussed the issue of establishing a quarantine zone with China.