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The significance of Hainan's construction of a free trade port

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2020/06/03 09:47
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In implementing free trade facilitation. The trade of goods with the basic characteristics of "zero tariff" and the trade of services with the basic characteristics of "entry and operation" are important contents of the international high-standard trade rules. It is necessary to further innovate customs supervision and gradually establish a “first-line release, second-line control, and island free” cargo entry and exit management system throughout the island to achieve free and convenient entry and exit of overseas goods at the Hainan Free Trade Port. It is necessary to implement a negative list system for cross-border service trade, give national treatment to overseas service providers, and promote the liberalization and facilitation of cross-border service trade in accordance with laws and regulations.    

In the implementation of free and convenient transportation. Efficient and open transportation policy is an important support for the construction of a high-level free trade port. It is necessary to take the opportunity of building the "China Yangpu Port" as a registry port to accelerate the development and opening up of Yangpu and promote the construction of an international shipping hub for the new land and sea channel in the west. It is necessary to further relax airspace control and airway rights restrictions, pilot the opening of the seventh air rights, and encourage domestic and foreign airlines to increase capacity. It is necessary to strengthen the transportation and customs clearance capabilities between Hainan Free Trade Port and other areas in the interior, and to improve the level of free and convenient transportation