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Mongolian Airlines Ulaanbaatar direct flights to Guangzhou, China officially launched

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2020/05/18 10:31
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Mongolian Civil Aviation Company held the first flight ceremony of the direct flight route from Ulaanbaatar to Guangzhou, China. As the national airline of Mongolia, the Mongolian Civil Aviation Company has opened a fixed route from Ulaanbaatar to Guangzhou, China, for the first time to expand the Asian aviation market and expand the flight network.


On the 31st, a crew member composed of Captain Б. Amursana, Pilot Ч. Geriltu Aod and others, piloted a Boeing-737-800 passenger plane, took off from Genghis Khan International Airport to Guangzhou at 22:40.


Dat Battute, the manager of the Mongolian Civil Aviation Company, pointed out that the opening of direct flights to Guangzhou, China, in addition to providing great convenience for the exchange of people between the two places and the travel of tourists, also facilitates the promotion of Mongolia and cities in southern China. Development cooperation in trade, tourism, education, etc. has created favorable conditions.


According to the April 4 flight information published on the website of Mongolian Civil Aviation Company, the flight departed from Genghis Khan International Airport in Ulaanbaatar at 22:40 at night, and arrived at Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou at 2:00 the next morning 40 minutes, flying in the air for about 4 hours. One-way fare economy class is 113.54 thousand tugliks (about 2918 yuan).