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China-Kazakhstan Cooperation Potential Production Area

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2020/04/27 10:39
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The 47 vehicles loaded with chemical equipment from the China-Kazakhstan cooperation project successfully exited through the Khorgos highway port in Xinjiang and were transported to Kazakhstan.

It is understood that this batch of chemical equipment includes metal structure, heat exchanger, flanges, lightning rods, etc., all of which are required for the project "Construction of the First Comprehensive Natural Gas Chemical Plant in Atyrau". The project is jointly executed by China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. and Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industry Co., Ltd., and is a representative of the “Belt and Road” and “China-Kazakhstan Cooperation Potential Production Area” projects. The project is planned to be launched in August 2021. Production, the annual output can reach 500,000 tons of polypropylene. A

It is understood that the batch of equipment was installed before the Spring Festival in 2020, because the epidemic situation did not have time to ship it out, and now it has resumed work. The Khorgos city government and customs have actively coordinated the Kazakh drivers to come today and transport the equipment away.

Diriya, deputy chief of the First Section of Khorgos Customs Supervision, said that the customs coordinated the entry of eight Kazakh transportation service personnel and was responsible for driving the vehicles to Kazakhstan port in batches, and then the vehicles waiting for the Kazakh port to drive the vehicle To destinations in Kazakhstan. In addition, the customs took the initiative to contact relevant enterprises, grasp the demands of agency companies and logistics enterprises in a timely manner, and guide the enterprises to handle customs clearance procedures at “fingertips” on a “one-to-one” basis.

Zhang Jingshou, director of the Korgos Economic Development Zone Port Authority, said that the Korgos city government has issued nine measures to deal with the impact of the epidemic and promote the healthy development of the economy, supporting the resumption of production and production of foreign trade enterprises.