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Mongolia and India organize oil and gas exhibition

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2020/04/06 10:20
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According to Mengtong News Agency, from May 13 to 14, it was jointly organized by the Indian Embassy in Mongolia, the Ministry of Mines and Heavy Industries of Mongolia, the State-owned Company of the Mongolian Refinery and the “Engineers India Limitedcompany affiliated to the Ministry of Oil and Gas of India. The first Mongolian-Indian Oil and Gas Exhibition was held in Ulaanbaatar.     


The head of the General Office of the Chief Executive of Mongolia, La Oyun Erden, the Minister of External Relations Dan Chaogetbatel, the parliamentarian Boulder, and representatives of some national embassies in Mongolia attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

It is reported that the organizer organized this exhibition on the use of the Indian government ’s $ 1 billion concessional loan to build a refinery project in Mongolia.


The Minister of Mines and Heavy Industries, Dao Sumia Bazar, said in his opening statement that the Mongolian government has launched relevant infrastructure work in 2018 in order to successfully implement the construction of an oil refinery project and accelerate its progress. Currently, the work completion rate exceeds 90%. The government recently decided to build a residential area with a capacity of 550 families in Saiminda Sumu, East Gobi Province, to solve the social problems of engineers and technicians involved in the above construction projects and future work in oil refineries and create for them Good working conditions. The oil refinery is of great significance to Mongolia's society and economy. I believe this project will deepen the friendly cooperation between Mongolia and India