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Reduce the number of declarations and reduce the cost of declarations

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2020/03/24 09:39
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Customs such as Hohhot, Yinchuan, and Urumqi support the consolidation of manifests to reduce the cost of declaration. For the China and European train manifests, the waybills are the same entry and exit ports, the same date, the same trips, the same domestic consignees, the same contract, the same product name, enterprises can apply to the customs to merge manifests, reduce the number of declarations, reduce the cost of declarations .

Guangzhou Customs has implemented a “multi-way transit” approach to help companies save time and manpower. Enterprises can superimpose the advantages of railway transportation and ocean shipping, and use "online customs" for online declaration, approval, and release, further reducing customs clearance time, and also avoiding the accumulation of personnel to the greatest extent and reducing the labor cost of the enterprise.   

In terms of ensuring customs clearance facilitation, in addition to the protection of the national customs clearance integration model, Hohhot, Nanning, Urumqi and other places continue to open "green channels" and provide 24-hour scheduled customs clearance services for China-Europe trains. Customs in various places in time docked with enterprises and railway freight centers to understand stocking requirements and schedules for shipping schedules, formulate service guarantee schemes in advance, confirm, review, seal and release the manifests for inbound trains, and write off for outbound trains , Export handover, customs clearance and other procedures are given priority.