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China-Mongolia border highway port cargo passage opens, coal export is imminent!

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2020/03/20 09:59
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Affected by the epidemic in China, except for the Zammen-Ude Highway Port on the China-Mongolia border, which has been kept open to a limited extent, the remaining 11 highway ports have been basically closed since February 14 until now. On February 20, considering that the suspension of freight transportation, especially the export of coal and crude oil, had a severe impact on Mongolia's economy, the Mongolian State Special Committee convened a meeting to study and decide to resume China from March 2. Transport export coal and crude oil. On February 26, the Mongolian National Special Committee held another meeting and held that, in view of the fact that all preparations have not been completed and the conditions and timing are not mature, it decided to resume the work of exporting coal and crude oil to China. Push to start on March 15. Yesterday was March 15th, so many readers and friends have been asking Xiaobian, have these highway ports been switched? In fact, friends who live and work near these highway ports must be very clear that yesterday did not switch on and off as scheduled. So, when will it open? The answer is: From the official opening this morning, Mongolia's coal will soon be exported to China from Gashun Suhaitu (Ganqimaodu) and Xibekulun (Cec) port.

According to Narenbatel, the governor of the South Gobi Province and the staff of the border inspection department of the province in an interview with reporters on March 16th, after a period of nervous and orderly work, Mongolia is currently transporting vehicles that export coal to China. All preparations for clearing through the Gashun Suhaitu (Ganqimaodu) and Xiberkulun (Cec) ports have been completed. The basic principle of customs clearance is: Mongolian cargo vehicles leave the customs between 8 am and 14 pm every day, requiring drivers to return to Mongolia on the same day, and not allowed to stay overnight in China. Among them, in the initial stage of recovery, the number of coal transport vehicles planned to pass through the Xibekulun (Ceke) port daily remained at more than 200, and the number of coal transport vehicles cleared at the Gashun Suhaitu (Ganqimaodu) port to maintain around 300-350 units. After the operation is stable for a period of time, the number of customs clearance vehicles can be increased as appropriate.