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Mongolia Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Project

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2020/03/02 10:04
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Mongolian Prime Minister Ukhri Sukh's visit to Russia ended on the 6th. The important result of this visit is that Mongolia and Russia reached a consensus on connecting China and Russia with natural gas pipelines transiting Mongolia. In order to understand the details in this regard, the reporter recently interviewed Mongolian Minister of Finance Qi Huilebatel.


During Prime Minister Ukhri Sukh's visit to Russia, the two sides focused on the issue of the transit of natural gas pipelines to Mongolia. What is the final result?

The two sides discussed in detail the issue of natural gas pipeline transiting Mongolia at the government level. To address this, a working group headed by the Minister of Finance of Mongolia has initiated related matters. Prior to the visit, three representatives of Gazprom came to Mongolia to sign the relevant agreement.

Prior to the official start of the visit, Prime Minister Ukhri Sukh also met with President and Vice President of Gazprom.


During the visit, Prime Minister Ukhil Sukh listened to the working group's summary of the expected work and exchanged views with them on the solution. Afterwards, he held formal talks with Russian Prime Minister Medvedev, focusing on gas pipeline issues.


What is Russian President Putin's attitude towards the transit of Mongolia through the gas pipeline?


Prime Minister Ukhri Sukh held two meetings in Sochi. First met with a delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Goldev, and then with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President of Gazprom Miller, Russian Minister of Transport and Chairman of the Mongolian-Russian Committee Russian Levytin Formal talks.

Where will the construction of natural gas pipelines transit Mongolia?


The two sides talked about the construction of 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas pipelines along the Trans-Siberian Railway. It is estimated that as the main buyer of natural gas, China's natural gas usage in the past three years has reached about 100 billion cubic meters.