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Erlianhaote China-Mongolia Border Customs

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2019/12/17 11:47
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Erlianhot is located in the north of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It faces the border with Zammen Ude, East Gobi Province, Mongolia. It is China's largest highway and railway port open to Mongolia. The border line is 68.29 kilometers long. Erlian is the nearest land crossing to the capital Beijing and the most convenient way to connect Europe and Asia by land. Facing Mongolia, Russia and the European international market, Erlian is backed by the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanghai-Bohai Rim Economic Circle and the Hubao'e Economic Belt. It is China's frontier opening to the north and an important import and export hub for China's commodities. "Erenhot" is a Chinese transliteration of Mongolian. "Eren" was originally called "Eren", and the suburb "Eren Dabu Sanur" was used.


          President Hu Jintao's successful visit to Mongolia in 2003 confirmed the China-Mongolia good-neighborly mutual trust partnership and proposed the development of mutually beneficial economic and trade relations, which provided rare opportunities for Erlian City to develop economic and trade cooperation with Mongolia and Russia in a wider field and at a deeper level, and to expand opening up Historical opportunity. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region attaches great importance to the development of the Erlian Port, and has given maximum support and preference in terms of policy funds.